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Skidding System

Skidding techniques have been used for centuries. Enerpac has applied high-pressure hydraulics to create the Enerpac HSK Skidding Systems. The HSK skidding system is comprised of a series of skid-shoes powered by hydraulic push-pull cylinders, travelling over a pre-constructed track. A series of special PTFE coated blocks are placed on the skid-tracks to reduce friction. The skid shoes are connected by hoses to a hydraulic diesel driven power pack.

Enerpac Skidding Systems are available in two versions:
  • HSK1250 with a capacity of 1250 kN per skid unit
  • HSK2500 with a capacity of 2500 kN per skid unit

Both skidding systems are available in 2 varieties: using a “skid shoe jack” or a “skid shoe beam”. The skid shoe jack includes an integrated lifting cylinder. A skid shoe beam is designed for skidding purposes only.

To calculate the minimum required capacity per shoe, the entire load has to be able to rest safely on 2 of the 4 shoes. To skid a load of 500 tonnes, the required skidding system is HSK2500.
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