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Generator Rotor Removal & Installation Systems

The generator rotor removal and installation system is a custom developed product for removing and installing the rotor (field) in a power plant’s generator. The system is designed to comply with the varying dimensions and challenging accessibility of a plant’s generator. Enerpac has designed several configurable solutions which utilize hydraulics to push, pull and position the rotor at multiple height requirements.

Existing methods for removing a rotor from a generator’s stator are very labor intensive; requiring a large number of operators and a high level of coordination to complete. The time and labor required to remove and install the rotor can be reduced significantly using Enerpac’s hydraulically actuated system.

Key components of the generator rotor removal and installation system:


The platform is built to align the push pull system with the rotor. Its unique design is intended to optimize ground bearing pressure and the platform’s stability as the rotor is removed. The entire platform can be stored in a 20 ft. shipping container for shipping and storage purposes.

Push Pull System

The push pull system applies the hydraulic force needed to pull and push the rotor into the stator. The system includes two trollies, a trolley track, an anti-rotation box, rotor bracing blocks and power unit. Each trolley is equipped with 4 hydraulic cylinders for lifting and lowering, 2 hydraulic cylinders for shifting left and right and 2 hydraulic pumps. The entire push pull system can be stored in a 20 ft. shipping container for shipping and storage purposes.

Modular Setup

The entire system can be assembled and disassembled using only a forklift. A 6 man crew can have the whole system setup within 10 – 12 hours. Once disassembled the entire system can be stored or shipped in a standard 20 ft. shipping container.

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