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Cape Industrial
iii. Oil & Gas (Gas Compressor) Lubrication
Oil & Gas (Gas Compressor) Lubrication OIL & GAS LUBRICATION

SEE ALSO : www.graco.com/us/en/products/application/automatic-lubrication/compressor-lubrication.html

Graco Manzel 7500

Compressor Lubrication Pump

Graco offers three vigorously tested models engineered for long-life and maximum flexibility for easy system integration. Each model has been improved to perform in best-practice applications for a durable solution that is hard to beat. Product offering includes Suction, Gravity, Pressure and Alarm pumps
Graco Manzel 7500 Compressor Lubrication Pump
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Graco Trabon MSP Divider Valve

Trabon MSP Divider Valves, Automatic Machine Lubrication, Keeps machines running at peak performance.

The Trabon MSP Series sets the industry standard for quality, reliability, and ease of use features. It was the original modular-style series progressive divider valveā€“and is still the best!

Graco is pleased to now offer MSP Stainless Steel Divider Valves! You get more durability with the same high-quality performance and precision machining as the carbon steel version.
Graco Trabon MSP Divider Valve
SEE ALSO : www.graco.com/us/en/products/industrial-lubrication/trabon-msp-divider-valves.html
Graco Lube Sentinel ll

The Lube Sentinel II is a field configurable micro-processor based monitor, capable of detecting low and high flow variations in any Series-Progressive type lubrication system regardless of manufacturer.
Graco Lube Sentinel ll
SEE ALSO : www.graco.com/content/dam/graco/led/literature/flyers/l50000/L50000EN-A.pdf
Graco Manzel MBL Box Lubricator

Provide a proven, cost-effective way to assemble customized oil systems that meet specific requirements by using standard modular components. Increase opportunities to standardize lube system components and reduce lube maintenance and service costs.
Graco Manzel MBL Box Lubricator
SEE ALSO : www.graco.com/us/en/products/industrial-lubrication/manzel-mbl-box-lubricator.html
Sensors & Indicators

Magnetically-operated sensing devices for sending system data to the controller or PLC.
Sensors & Indicators
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