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i. Centralised Automatic Lubrication


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Graco GLC4400 & GLC2200 Controllers

Multi-purpose controller for automatic lubrication systems.

Easily manage your automatic lubrication system

GLC 4400 gives you programmed lubrication cycles for optimal machine performance.

Customize your lubrication time, pressure, cycle counts and machine counts for maximum precision and productivity.
Graco GLC4400 & GLC2200 Controllers
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Sensors & Indicators

Magnetically-operated sensing devices for sending system data to the controller or PLC.
Sensors & Indicators
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Fire-Ball Air Powered Lubrication Pump

Air-Powered Pumps and Packages for Oil or Grease

Perfect for high pressure oil or grease dispense and transfer.

Graco pumps are built to last. With so many innovative maintenance-saving features.

Graco pumps reduce downtime and save you money. No matter what fluid you’re pumping Graco has a quality solution for your low, medium or high volume application.
Fireball Air Powered Lubrication Pumps
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G3 Electric Lubrication Pump

Automatic Lubrication for Series Progressive and Injector-Based Systems Full Featured with DMS Option

Extend machinery life, reduce operating costs and increase productivity with a Graco G3 today!

G3’s flexible design works with injector-based and series progressive systems. A cost-effective pump designed to serve multiple markets and applications.
G3 Electric Lubrication Pump
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Graco Trabon MSP Divider Valve

Trabon MSP Divider Valves, Automatic Machine Lubrication, Keeps machines running at peak performance.

The Trabon MSP Series sets the industry standard for quality, reliability, and ease of use features. It was the original modular-style series progressive divider valve–and is still the best!

Graco is pleased to now offer MSP Stainless Steel Divider Valves! You get more durability with the same high-quality performance and precision machining as the carbon steel version.
Graco Trabon MSP Divider Valve
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LubePro™ A2600 Air Powered Lubrication Pump

Lubricate your machinery faster, with more reliable pumping technology.

Single Stroke Grease Pump for Automatic Lubrication

Need a better way to lubricate? Meet your LubePro Without proper lubrication your factory's machines can suffer from downtime and reduced life, which impacts your company's bottom line. Avoid the hassle. Meet your LubePro.

LubePro™ series leverages the same proven quality and leading technology as Graco's Fire-Ball® pump—the leader in durability and quality for over 50 years. LubePro is the choice of today's lubrication professionals
LubePro™ A2600
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GL Series Grease Injectors

Single Line Parallel Systems

High volume output at high pressures for the most demanding applications

Custom fit your system with Graco's adjustable GL-1 grease injector systems. Designed to meet the needs of each lube point, these precision-honed systems provide years of reliable operation in the harshest operating environments.
GL Series Grease Injectors
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