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Cape Industrial
Enerpac from Cape Thailand
Enerpac Cylinders, Lifting Products and Systems

Enerpac provides the largest selection of cylinders and lifting systems, fully supported and available through the most extensive network of distributors worldwide. We have a solution for virtually any application – lifting, pushing, pulling, bending or holding – in most industrial and commercial work environments. Enerpac offers hundreds of different configurations of mechanical and hydraulic cylinders and lifting systems, plus products ranging from hydraulic jacks and lifting bags, for portability and tight fits, to engineered systems for precise control over multiple lift points.
Enerpac General Purpose Cylinders
Enerpac Lightweight Aluminum Cylinders
Enerpac High Tonnage Construction Cylinders
Enerpac Low Height Cylinders
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General Purpose Cylinders
Lightweight Aluminum Cylinders
High Tonnage Construction Cylinders
Low Height Cylinders
Enerpac Hollow Plunger Cylinders
Enerpac Long Stroke / High Cycle Cylinders
Enerpac Specialty Lifting Products
Enerpac Lifting Systems
Hollow Plunger Cylinders
Long Stroke / High Cycle Cylinders
Specialty Lifting Products
Lifting Systems
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Enerpac Lock Nut Cylinders
Lock Nut Cylinders
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